High Performance Street Cars

High Performance Street Cars

McCormick guiding the way on another track day. With McCormick by your side, you will chip away at the lap times and gain consistency in your driving.

RMDD offers right seat instruction for drivers of all levels during high performance driving days through any track day organization. It is relatively inexpensive to participate in a track day with your high performance street car, however most of the organizations that host "street car" track days do not provide professional instruction; some organizations provide next to none. With Ric McCormick by your side you will learn how to handle your car on the track of your choice with minimal risk and maximum gain of race track driving knowledge. McCormick is excellent at getting people up to speed and keeping things safe while on track. You can focus on the instruction provided in between each driving session with debriefs concerning the racing line, vehicle dynamics, load transfer and specifically what you need to hear to achieve your goals. McCormick is sensitive to the individual driver and knows how to make the best of your valuable time spent on the track. Every lap counts...

Check out these sites to see possible dates and info about taking your car out for a day of fun on a track near you:


  • Belted in for another day of coaching
  • Audi R8 at Thunderhill
  • Ferrari race car
  • McCormick and the Lamborghini, see his in-car video below!
  • Lotus at Infineon
  • McCormick driving a Ford GT at Thunderhill Raceway.
  • Rear-view shot from a Ferrari at Infineon Raceway.  McCormick was a lead instructor for this Ferrari event.
  • McCormick as lead instructor on a Ferrari track day.


  • Ric in Lamborghini